Author: Lars Kordetzky

spaceinvader 2010

lk, quote 28. August 2010

“In his latest project, which he calls “spaceinvader” (a title I like because of its evocation of algorithmic play), he leaves behind the lush climates of “mind” and burrows into the more austere domain of ‘brain,’ with its computational networks of neurons and electrical charges and discharges, its quantified physicality so often reduced to charts […]

transient sedimentation 2006

lk 20. May 2006

edited by lebbeus woods riea concept series springer wien new york “Transient Sedimentation” looks at movements in the city, in the country, in unknown, invisible spaces … a differentiation of lines and currents, an exploration of friction in space, … an immersion in infinite movement and therefore a ceaselessly changing configuration of links, tangents, collisions […]

quote 12. October 2003

“In contrast to the sea, the city is the striated space par excellence; the sea is a smooth space fundamentally open to striation, and the city is the force of striation that reimparts smooth space, puts it back into operation everywhere, on earth and in the other elements, outside but also inside itself. The smooth […]

sequences – saw only the moon 2001

lk 12. May 2001

edited by lebbeus woods riea book series springer wien new york „Sequences – saw only the moon“ takes an architectural approach to the psyche. An intervention in the isolation room of a psychiatric clinic in 1997 was the point of departure for a confrontation between architecture and the psyche. Collapsing edges, dislocated perception, an enclosed […]