spaceinvader 2010

lk, quote 28. August 2010

“In his latest project, which he calls “spaceinvader” (a title I like because of its evocation of algorithmic play), he leaves behind the lush climates of “mind” and burrows into the more austere domain of ‘brain,’ with its computational networks of neurons and electrical charges and discharges, its quantified physicality so often reduced to charts and other forms of ossified data. Kordetzky’s gamble—that herein lies an architecture of fully human dimensions—is based on the obvious fact that the brain is the sponsor of the mind, indeed, its very source. Inspired, perhaps, by pioneering scientists and thinkers like Heinz von Foerster and his colleagues in cybernetics, he sees in the neural structure of the brain not a ‘trivial machine’ in which output is a strict function of input, but rather a complex organism capable not only of unpredictable results but of creativity, the very source of our humanity. In the complex interconnections, the synapses and gaps, the ever-incomplete structure of neural space, Kordetzky constructs a model of imagination’s exploration and growth, a spatial matrix of both the possible and the improbable, challenging our capabilities and our will to inhabit the world.”

Lebbeus Woods, Brain and Building