transient sedimentation 2006

lk 20. May 2006

edited by lebbeus woods
riea concept series
springer wien new york

“Transient Sedimentation” looks at movements in the city, in the country, in unknown, invisible spaces … a differentiation of lines and currents, an exploration of friction in space, … an immersion in infinite movement and therefore a ceaselessly changing configuration of links, tangents, collisions with countless different lines and spaces.

The chapters and their associated projects describe different sequences in this study, they relate to, and with, different places, involving contact with the ground, a room that could be anywhere, that is nothing but space and turns into a microcosm (Drift), Manhattan and other islands (Lost Space), an out-of-whack circle and six towers in Vienna (Splinters) and other places, real and virtual spaces, colliding, condensing and overflowing lines …